Friday, February 18, 2011

Faultlines of the Heart

When presented with the February word: "love" I thought of many ways to go with it - parental, romantic, physical, familial - even love of music, nature and so on.  But what I really wanted to deal with was loss of love - specifically loss of loved ones.  When my Mom passed away last year I had to deal with the sadness of her loss plus the fact that she was the last one. Her passing followed my Dad's (by many years) and my brother and sister's deaths more recently.  I reflected on how we all suffer loss of love - or loved ones - then have to face our publics as though everything was completely right in our world.
Here you have a heart that has been fractured into many pieces along the faultlines that were there all along.  And floating over the pieces of the heart are a tangle of ribbons attempting to hide the tears underneath.

detail:  Faultlines
The Haiku

Letting go of love
Hot salty tears flow freely
Bruised battered heart cracks.


Anonymous said...

This is so tenderly beautiful... a heart that we can relate to,, you have put it out here in a beautifully poignant fashion.

Maureen said...

Poignantly stated and a wonderfully vibrant art piece.
The "broken" shattered heart is a wonderful effect

elljay said...

Your piece also captures how I feel about my grandmother's house being gone and all that she represented to me.

Robin said...

A very vivid depiction of loss.
Well done and so sorry for your pain.

Guila Greer said...

Thank you Robin - I think that the process of creating art helps to resolve issues for all of us. We are lucky.

Pat Havey said...

Your beautiful heart creates memories and really tears at the heart. Beautifully done and a wonderful Haiku

Kathy Lichtendahl said...

YOur color choices are perfect for the sentiment you are trying to express. This is a powerful piece that works very well with the words of the haiku.

Lynn K. said...

This is wonderful. I think we can all relate to your words and your artwork. You portray the broken heart so well; very effective.