Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Phases of the Moon

I thought of all the different sayings that we have to describe the moon: some quite descriptive, others turned into common expressions and a few quite fanciful.  So much folklore and romance has evolved from our common experience of viewing this orb in the night sky. 
I chose just 3 such expressions to paint a little mixed media piece called Phases of the Moon.
The Phases are:  Blue Moon, Green Cheese Moon and Harvest Moon

At a future time I plan to do a textile piece based on a similar theme:

and the Haiku

chameleon moon
many faces to delight
changing yet constant

February - Moon

Many cultures have names for their full moons, and in North America the February full moon is most commonly called the snow moon. Alternate names are Bone Moon or Hunger Moon, due I suppose to all that snow keeping the game inaccessible while the previous year's harvest stores are dwindling.

The snowy fields and the moon are hand appliqued, and the snowflakes are hand embroidered.  Lucky that no two showflakes are ever alike.

february moon
snowflakes falling to the earth
each one different