Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February - Moon

Many cultures have names for their full moons, and in North America the February full moon is most commonly called the snow moon. Alternate names are Bone Moon or Hunger Moon, due I suppose to all that snow keeping the game inaccessible while the previous year's harvest stores are dwindling.

The snowy fields and the moon are hand appliqued, and the snowflakes are hand embroidered.  Lucky that no two showflakes are ever alike.

february moon
snowflakes falling to the earth
each one different

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Guila Greer said...

Martha, I was so glad to see your February Haiku and art piece and as usual you did a wonderful job. I really love the Haiku - very Zen in feeling. And your choice of color scheme for the art quilt really gives a sense of the chill of a February night. Brrrr.