Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grass Mowing "Procrastination" Haiku - April 2011

Grass Mowing "Procrastination" Haiku - April 2011

Mower sitting idle...
The grass grows taller each day...
Day dreams fill my thoughts...

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Ideas are easy for me and follow through not so easy although I love doing the things that put the ideas into reality. Here is one of my favorite sketchbook pages, one which has not been put into the textile form I imagine for it. Who knows why!

Sketchbooks Fun and Full
Ideas Burst Like Fireworks
Fruition Hard Idea

Linda Jacks

Friday, April 15, 2011

Triple Procrastination

When I first saw our April word, I couldn't think how I'd depict such a thing.  But the answer came as soon as I wrote it down in my day planner, along with all the jobs I keep writing in there, day after day, which never seem to get done. I'd make my undone jobs. Or some of them.

The background of this piece is made from leftover strata from my bargello period - fifteen or so years ago.  I always meant to do something with these things, they are too pretty to throw out. (procrastination #1)

I turned up the strata in the cleaning out and reorganization of my workroom - which I started back last fall and still have not finished. (procrastination #2)

The image depicts certain parts of my garden where I never got around to the fall clearances, which I can blame in part on the abnormally cold winter and spring we've had, but not entirely. (procrastination #3)

Techniques used here are machine piecing, fused and machine applique, machine quilting, stamping, ink on fabric, all done from commercial hand-dyes.  This quilt measures 10 1/2 by 11 3/4.

emerging spring leaves
reach for light through old dead weeds
last year's work undone

Procrastination challenge

Procrastination... something that used to irritate me when I watched this happening.
Schooled in the field of "Time Management' I often see procrastination as something to be longed for. I had to learn to set priorities, work at what needs doing using the 'swiss cheese' formula and make every moment count. It is actually amazing what can be accomplished using 'time management'.... sometimes to just procrastinate would feel good!

In my mind's eye I see procrastinationas a big hand blocking what I need to do... and sometimes it even demands my focus. I learned that 'Procrastination... is an enemy of time', and hence really don't spend much time with it.

With all that in mind, my Haiku came into focus:

'Eye' see you out there
Please! don't waste my time today
Come back when I am free

My interpretation:  Journal using at least one piece of fabric. This fabric I had painted then 'marked' using Shiva Sticks... so it was a scrap,  I traced my hand and cut it out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sucks joy from my soul
Prevents me from achieving
What is possible

I envision procrastination as a door.

There is hope - there is no lock on the door.

And behind the door lie dreams.


Time is running out
deadline is approaching
time for cup of tea

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fragments of Time

I loved the prompt word - Procrastination.  Really got me thinking.

Process: first thought of "why" we procrastinate - in general. Could be some  underlying fear of failure or for some - fear of success. Maybe we don't think  that we have the specific skill required or talent needed to complete the task  and that we will face ridicule. Maybe we're in conflict about the task at hand  and aren't even sure it's something that we want to do. Maybe we're overwhelmed  by other demands in our lives and can't give adequate attention to this newer  demand. Maybe we don't have a clear enough image of exactly what it is we want  to accomplish. Maybe the task is boring compared to some other activity that  could substitute.

I considered these ideas and wrote the following Haiku:

           The Haiku

Demands, wants, needs, musts

I want to..........I don't want to

Relentless tick - tock

I decided that I would set specific goals for the art work.

1.  To complete the work in a set amount of time -      time that I alternatively would have spent that evening playing a game on the computer . I thought that it was not unreasonable to have the main designing and rough assembly done in 45 minutes.                   I would do the quilting and finishing the following day.
2. I have a plastic storage box full of previously fused cotton scraps - some of which are remnants from previous projects.  My challenge was to use ONLY fabrics from that particular box.  Believe me, there was plenty to choose from.

Done! The completed piece is approximately 12 inches by 12 inches. It is entitled Fragments of Time. Disparate elements brought together to form a cohesive whole. It demonstrates how focus, definition and time
limits overcame procrastination in one dedicated to that art.
Constructed in a very traditional straightforward way - cotton with fused  applique, machine quilted. 

Fragments of Time

Detail -Fragments of Time

Friday, April 8, 2011

April Haiku

Buds are blossoming

Yet Still snow is falling

Spring, why temporize?

This is suede cloth applique on silk dupioni. The snow flakes are hand embroidered and the cherry blossoms are made from a method I love to use: fuse your fabric to both sides of heavy duty aluminum foil and cut whatever shape you desire. They are attached with french knot centers. It's so much fun as you can bend and shape them and they stay that way!

The quilt is gallery wrap framed.

It measures 11x14


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My found haiku reads:

I would walk the halls
settle into a big chair
I'd read the papers

The piece is collaged with teabags and paste paper that was patterned with a comb, plus a photo from the newspaper.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Challenge # 4... Procrastination

Oh.... put your thinking caps on for this one!! When this was sent to me by the April 'word-prompter'...
well... I am stuck!!
Here it is: provided by Silvia Dell'Aere 
'Procrastination'................................... looking forward to seeing what everyone does with it!