Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sucks joy from my soul
Prevents me from achieving
What is possible

I envision procrastination as a door.

There is hope - there is no lock on the door.

And behind the door lie dreams.


Anonymous said...

I like your haiku and what a clever idea using the door to block your creativity.
Well done.

elljay said...

That's a fabulous dramatization of procrastination and you captured just how I feel about it. Thanks.

Guila Greer said...

I love your depiction of procrastination Michele. Plus your display of what lies hidden on the other side. Wonderful!

Guila (Honeyquilts)

Becky said...

This is super! I like all of the compartments behind the door.

Martha Dennis said...

I love all those possibilities behind your door, Michele.

Interesting that you view procrastination as an unlocked door. I see it more as a locked door, but then that's just me. I should learn to see my putting off everything I don't want to do as an opportunity perhaps?

Michele said...

Martha, that's really the question about procrastination, isn't it? Is the door locked or unlocked? If it's locked, who has (or where is) the key? If it's unlocked, why don't we JUST OPEN THE DOOR?

Cherie in Del Mar said...

What a great idea! I think placing all the things you perceive as a 'block' behind a door could work two ways. If you're feeling courageous and optomistic just open the door and 'clean house'. If not, lock it up and walkaway until you do...LOL. Nice work


Robin said...

This is a great way to look at it!!