Friday, April 15, 2011

Procrastination challenge

Procrastination... something that used to irritate me when I watched this happening.
Schooled in the field of "Time Management' I often see procrastination as something to be longed for. I had to learn to set priorities, work at what needs doing using the 'swiss cheese' formula and make every moment count. It is actually amazing what can be accomplished using 'time management'.... sometimes to just procrastinate would feel good!

In my mind's eye I see procrastinationas a big hand blocking what I need to do... and sometimes it even demands my focus. I learned that 'Procrastination... is an enemy of time', and hence really don't spend much time with it.

With all that in mind, my Haiku came into focus:

'Eye' see you out there
Please! don't waste my time today
Come back when I am free

My interpretation:  Journal using at least one piece of fabric. This fabric I had painted then 'marked' using Shiva Sticks... so it was a scrap,  I traced my hand and cut it out.


Cherie in Del Mar said...

This is very cool Carole! I absolutely LOVE your minds "eye" peeking between your fingers :-) Well done! And the haiku is perfect!


Robin said...

So you have conquered 'Procrastination'?? Can you bottle that cure? :)))