Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Time is running out
deadline is approaching
time for cup of tea


Silvia "OrkaLoca" Dell'Aere said...

Margarita, your haiku made me laugh so hard ahah, it is exactly what I do!
In fact now I should sew the last wuilt for a show that will open on saturday, but I'm here with a cup of tea!
Love your work, so true!

Anonymous said...

This is so typical, isn't it?
I am so busy with so much to do...and what am I doing? reading this blog and having a cuppa!

swell said, well done!

Michele said...

Exactly. When I need to do the taxes, I load the dishwasher; when I need to load the dishwasher; I play on the computer, etc.

Becky said...

Instead of tea, I usually rearrange the furniture! :D Your piece is very calming to look at.

Martha Dennis said...

Perfect illustration of procrastination, Margarita! I love those steam spirals too.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Ahhh...make mine wine please :-)

Wonderful interpretation! (Love the fabric too).


Robin said...

Love it!!! When I am overwhelmed, my procrastination manifests itself in munching on something:)