Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My Sunshine Haiku for March 2011

Sunshine glistening...
Beams dance across the water...
It's heat warms my soul...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March - Sunshine

When we got our word for the month, sunshine and the coming spring became intertwined in my mind.  Here in Virginia, yellow crocuses and daffodils are the first to appear, but I've seen them blooming in the snow.   The bright yellow blooms of the forsythia are one of the true signs that winter is about done. This year they appear to have lied though, since we're expecting snow this weekend.

The branches and blossoms on this piece were taken from my own photos and from life, and drawn with various watercolor pencils and crayons and then quilted.

Since I found last month that I don't much like writing directly on the background, this time I placed my haiku on a scrap of rice paper. Then I quilted that and the background with monofilament thread.  The quilting design is meant to illustrate spring breezes.

yellow as sunshine
bright forsythia blossoms
proclaim winter's end

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is a clearer picture of "Warrior Sunshine". I had slept on the couch that night and the sun woke me. Maybe I should have put some of the candy wrapper on the couch as a blanket?

2.5" x 3.5"
decorative and handmade papers from art store, brown bag, pigma pen onto recycled card base; hole in top right corner for carrying on my card ring.

Sunshine silk scarf and pendant

I recently came back from my trip to Peru and had a wonderful time. I got together with an old friend from college whom I haven’t seen in 30 years!! She gave me an orange and yellow pendant design by her. It is made with fused glass and said it represented the summer days in Peru since they are very hot and humid. So, when I came back I wanted to paint a silk scarf that complements it. After I read the March word “sunshine”,  I figured I would  make a Haiku about it:
      The rays of sunlight
              glowing light on the new day
       embrace me fiercely
Marga Korioth

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March: "Sunshine"

As usual, I had several attempts at composing this moth's haiku, using the word prompt of sunshine.
I finally settled for

" Molten copper ballIn cerulean blue sky;Surf tumbling on shore."

My A4 sized quiltlet was formed with the background of Lutradur bonded to blue homespun.
Using a card stencil I laid Expandapaint in the shape of a corona; heat treated it to get dimensional effect and then gilded it.
Using silk fabric and Angelina film I created the "ball"...the actual sun.
Next was to applique the sea tumbling on the white shores.

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The haiku was found in a tiny pocket edition of "Walden," by Thoreau.  It's collaged with teabags, handmade paper, old music and cheesecloth.  The cheesecloth and the book were also tea-stained to go better with the old music.

the haiku reads:

music at sunrise
expectation of the dawn
does not forsake us

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not Yet

March bodes fickle days
hope ferns porches trees weeds green
Maybe maybe not

This is paint on watercolor paper, torn, sewn fabric, painted, stamped deli paper collaged, more paint...
Linda Jacks

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forest Canopy - March Sunshine

I've always been fascinated by the patterns made by sunshine as it is filtered through dense foliage.

Following is my photo of a sun drenched redwood at a State Park in Northern California.

Armstrong Redwoods State Park

Forest Canopy        
Clefts in rain soaked branches         
Sunbeams bursting through   

Upon resolution of machine issues I hope to have this piece executed in cloth.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunflower 1

Like sunshine distilled
The sunflowers nod their heads
Dancing in the wind


The image of a sunflower popped into my head when I heard this month's challenge word. A step-by-step description of the process is on my personal blog.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Sunshine

Sunshine warms my heart
the cockles flutter gently
TAKE! a pocketful....

I was sitting in the backyard enjoying the warm of the sun, listening to the birds sing, the bees buzz and watched a butterfly waft near... so peaceful, so serene... it just made me feel good inside... why, I thought can't I just take some of this.. and save it...
I wrote the Haiku and gradually put the piece together in my Journal book...

I used yellow tissue paper and paint... fabric scraps, scrapbook 'pretties' and an organza pouch for the pocket....

I look forward to your comments....


Heat penetrates earth
pulling stems and leaves skyward
Sun decides it’s spring.
This month I decided to play with mixed media collage. My piece is 10” X 14”. The back is a piece of heavy pellon. I first glued on a layer of fabric scraps in different sizes and dimensions, including a piece of my own snow-dyed muslin, covering the entire piece of pellon. The next layer was made up of various types of papers – magazine, paper towel, yellow pages, receipt, paper napkin, hand-made paper, wrapping paper, and tissue. Words were included in that layer. The next layer is strictly torn yellow tissue paper. Then I glued on lengths of yarn and ribbon for stems, as well as the haiku lines printed on paper, and fused on leaves cut from fabric. The dirt is made from a piece of brown paper bag and a dyed dryer sheet, both painted sloppily with black acrylic, then scrunched and glued on.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Warrior Sunshine

Sugar is my drug of choice. I am allergic to it. It does terrible things to my feet and lungs. I woke this morning with the sun beating through the window, shining through the haze of yesterday's indulgence.  Enough is enough! Haiku on happier sunshine to come in future days perhaps. This one came fast and I used what I had. (thank goodness for cello tape)

Chocolate "head" showing out from "covers/blanket" of wrapper. "Feet" showing ingredient list of what affects them the most - golden and glucose syrup.

Bright, Hot Cleansing Light
From Sugar Coma Wakes me
Darkness is LIFTED!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Golden Orb

My haiku and quilt are inspired by our glorious Sun. I hand stitched all the gold using gold aurora holoshimmer sewing thread. The rest of the piece was felted by hand using one fine felting needle and wool, silk and some specialty yarns held together with a little angelina for sparkle. It is mounted on black and gallery wrapped.

finished size 11"x14"


Dispeller of gloom
incandescent, resplendant
blazing Golden Orb


On my way home from a wedding in Tokyo when this month's challenge was announced, I assumed my March entry would celebrate the Japanese spring. Alas, the words did not want to cooperate and so my wedding haiku is a poem separate from challenge #3 (see below).

Instead my haiku and accompanying artwork are about arriving home to find winter still firmly entrenched where I expected to find at least the hints of changing seasons.

In the spring parade
March is a month out of step
Sunshine trips on snow

For the artwork I took a photo of bare trees in the snow on a sunny day and arranged them in a kaleidoscope and then reduced the image, printed it out and encased it in resin to form a pendant. I included the original larger image as it is hard to see the details on the smaller pendant in the photo.

For my Japanese wedding haiku I offer the following:
Tender cherry buds
Unfold in sweet modesty
Like a young bride's smile

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Haiku
Newly washed sunshine
escapes the clouds, dances through the trees
gently freckles the ground

I felted yarn for the trunk, Used snippets of fabric for the tree and sunshine and quilted it. Fun , quick and done.

Friday, March 4, 2011

MARCH .. word prompt

As determined by Linda Jacks, our March Haiku will see us working with......
This brings up lots of ideas.... have fun!

Introducing myself...

I'm new to this group
I cut "found haikus" from books
Here's one about love

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Eagles swoop and soar
coupling, nesting, parenting,Yin and Yang 'til death.

Eagles have an elaborate mating ritual of swooping and soaring in the sky to impress each other. They mate and are a couple for life, sharing in building the nest, keeping eggs warm, and parenting their young. When one leaves and does not return the remaining bird shows signs of distress, walking around and around the nest's rim, and eventually flies off in search of its mate. Death is commonly caused by being hit by a car. If the "widowed" bird finds its mate, it continues to mourn and even tries to move the body off the road. The eagle will return to the nest but will not mate again until the following year.

For this piece of work I used pastel batiks for the sky. I tried a new technique on the eagles: I used 2 pictures from a wildlife magazine and transferred them with clear packing tape. (I don't like the glossy look, however.) The nest is made of thread trash and a few feathers. (Eagle nests can weigh up to 2,000 pounds.)
I free-motion quilted the whole piece.