Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forest Canopy - March Sunshine

I've always been fascinated by the patterns made by sunshine as it is filtered through dense foliage.

Following is my photo of a sun drenched redwood at a State Park in Northern California.

Armstrong Redwoods State Park

Forest Canopy        
Clefts in rain soaked branches         
Sunbeams bursting through   

Upon resolution of machine issues I hope to have this piece executed in cloth.


Carole said...

I find these fascinating as well.. I hope you get to do one in 'cloth'..the Haiku certainly matches the photo.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Great photo! I love the picture conjured in "clefts in rain soaked branches"...awesome

elljay said...

The light/dark dichotomy captures my feelings about spring.

Robin said...

What a beautiful photograph!

Martha Dennis said...

That's a wonderful photo! It's so hard to capture streaming sunlight without it washing out.