Saturday, March 12, 2011


Heat penetrates earth
pulling stems and leaves skyward
Sun decides it’s spring.
This month I decided to play with mixed media collage. My piece is 10” X 14”. The back is a piece of heavy pellon. I first glued on a layer of fabric scraps in different sizes and dimensions, including a piece of my own snow-dyed muslin, covering the entire piece of pellon. The next layer was made up of various types of papers – magazine, paper towel, yellow pages, receipt, paper napkin, hand-made paper, wrapping paper, and tissue. Words were included in that layer. The next layer is strictly torn yellow tissue paper. Then I glued on lengths of yarn and ribbon for stems, as well as the haiku lines printed on paper, and fused on leaves cut from fabric. The dirt is made from a piece of brown paper bag and a dyed dryer sheet, both painted sloppily with black acrylic, then scrunched and glued on.


Cherie in Del Mar said...

This is terrific Lynn! I have never attempted this kind of collage before, but your work inspires me to give it a try. So very effective with all the subliminal words pertaining to the sun. Wonderful and great haiku as well

Anonymous said...

Lynn... great minds think alike... well as far as the yellow tissue paper.. ha
I really like what you have done, I never thought of just using a heavy pellon as a backing, but that would make it easily frame-able wouldn 't it...
Lots of variety... keeps the eye interested.. and I like your Haiku.. well done!

elljay said...

I love both your explanation of techniques and the idea of the sun deciding it's spring. Great piece.

Robin said...

Love the visual of the sun 'pulling' vs. how we normally think of plants growing or reaching:)

Martha Dennis said...

What an interesting piece, Lynn! The few leaves on those tall stems are just like spring. I like your use of text in your background too.