Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Golden Orb

My haiku and quilt are inspired by our glorious Sun. I hand stitched all the gold using gold aurora holoshimmer sewing thread. The rest of the piece was felted by hand using one fine felting needle and wool, silk and some specialty yarns held together with a little angelina for sparkle. It is mounted on black and gallery wrapped.

finished size 11"x14"


Dispeller of gloom
incandescent, resplendant
blazing Golden Orb


elljay said...

Cherie, The visual effect of your piece stands by itself, but combine your techniques and the 8-word-haiku and it really stands out. What a great piece.

Robin said...

So shiny and warm:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! this truly 'shines', this is imaginative and so well done. all the 'gold' really make it feel warm at a glance... a moment in time.. haiku... well done

elljay said...

I'm in awe of your one-needle felting and the lovely effects. Wow.

Maureen said...

A swirling solar storm/solar flare is what I see Cherie!
Time for me to go back to single n/f

Martha Dennis said...

I am partial to spiral patterns, and yours is no exception, Cherie. The felting technique lends a softness to the light, particular to spring I think.