Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clouds- May "Soft" Haiku

"Clouds" -  May "Soft" Haiku

Soar Above the clouds...
Shimmering in the sunlight...
Floating through the sky....

Monday, May 30, 2011



Dandelion puffs
Explode softly in my yard
Hard to get rid of!

The new technique this month was trapunto, for the dandelion leaves. A couple of them wound up a bit overstuffed, once I stitched the veins, so I resorted to snipping the back and pulling out some of the stuffing on the biggest leaf.

I also bought some rayon embroidery thread to use for the dandelion puff. Shiny and pretty - and not too much of a pain to deal with!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Soft was very hard for me.  Apparently I don't often view my world through a soft filter.  I first thought of cat fur for soft, and then spring colors, which led to this.

Techniques used in this piece include fusing, machine applique and quilting, watercolor crayons and ink for the words, and the use of colored pencils to darken the petals and to lighten the water when I discovered that the thread work wasn't going to fix what turned out to be poor choices of fabrics.

a sudden wind gust
sends showers of soft petals
to drown in a pond

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Soft Day In Ireland

The Irish are used to a lot of rain.  Sometimes it rains hard; sometimes it's more like a misty blanket covering the earth.  They call this a "soft day".


steady gentle rain
Irish hills shrouded in mist
another soft day

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sheer Series #4 - FOG

Stealing silently
through the night, fog mists gather
softly caressing

I printed the image of the eagle in flight on organza using Digital Grounds, then appliqued it to the 2nd (middle) layer of organza and trimmed. The back layer is a "woodsy" print chiffon, Middle layer is striped/woodsy print organza and front/top layer is a grayed purple organza to create the misty, foggy appearance.

This picture is hanging on the wall, but it looks great hanging in the window, back-lit. I just couldn't get a decent picture...my camera insisted on focusing on the trees outside...LOL I will try again later when it's not so bright out.

Another fun haiku challenge.
Comments appreciated

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

haiku housekeeping

when you post haikus
please label them with your name
and this month's word -- soft

when you post haikus
look for the box called "labels"
click "show all" -- choose there

thank you

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Mother and her Sons

I am posting my haiku for this month after a few months of being out of the loop.  It is a picture of my oldest daughter Carly and her two sons, Ethan and Caleb.  When I thought about what soft meant to me, it led me down the path of all the loving relationships which I have in my life.  I am truly a very blessed woman!  I played with the image in photoshop after writing the haiku.  I plan to take it a little farther, but wanted to get what I have posted in a timely fashion. 
Deep within my heart,
memories dance across time,
softly filling me.
Thanks for the challenge which sparked some great time looking through photographs of my favorite people.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Soft..... Hair

Soft for me is 'feminine'....
I thought of a lot of diffrent 'soft' things, downy chicks, kittens, and.... hair.
After thoughtful cogitation and several Haiku's [which will show up on my personal Haiku blog], I decided to use hair.... an d in particular.... silk. Nothing as soft as raw spun silk....

A woman's glory
Flowing gently from her head
As soft as spun silk.

I liked this idea because no matter where we live, our culture, color, race or creed... our
hair matters to us.... ask a hairdresser....

summer breezes

soft summer breezes

filling sails with wonderment.

Natures gentle gift

In creating this small quilt - 16x20" - I used piecing,applique, painting with shivas, foiling, and thread painting on the trees. I'm not happy with the boy on the raft but I guess practice clues one in on what to try next time. Maybe someday I will get it right. The propt word was great. It certainly conjured up any pictures. Thank you.

Haiku-word: Soft

 This has been made with paper and fabric and for the background I used paints and did hand calligraphy with a dip pen and inks.
The haiku for this piece:

" Soft is the bird's song
sense of happiness and peace
kind cry in my heart"
                                                             by Margarita Korioth

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Challenge #5.... Word Prompt.

Guila is our word prompter this month and here is what she said to me:
I've had a couple of words in mind and have made my decision:

Prompt word for May: "Soft"

So many ways to go with that one - can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.