Sunday, May 29, 2011


Soft was very hard for me.  Apparently I don't often view my world through a soft filter.  I first thought of cat fur for soft, and then spring colors, which led to this.

Techniques used in this piece include fusing, machine applique and quilting, watercolor crayons and ink for the words, and the use of colored pencils to darken the petals and to lighten the water when I discovered that the thread work wasn't going to fix what turned out to be poor choices of fabrics.

a sudden wind gust
sends showers of soft petals
to drown in a pond


Guila Greer said...

Martha, this was worth waiting for :-)) (big smile).
I LOVE your haiku - you packed so much description into these few words. And I think your quilt is lovely - it has wonderful movement and the colors work beautifully together.

Unknown said...

When I first saw this, it spoke raindrops softly hitting water. You got a lot of movement and rhythm in the piece. I, for one, think your fabrics are wonderful.

elljay said...

Love the effects you got with so many products.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

This is lovely Martha! Your colors are gorgeous, so soft and Spring-like. Goes so well with your gentle haiku