Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fiber Art Piece for January Challenge

Earlier this month I posted my Haiku for our January word "Beginnings".
I also posted a photo that I created to illustrate the Haiku.

Treacherous frost lurks
Tender shoots defy the chill
Hardy rosebuds thrive.

Here is the Fiber Art component

 The background is lutradur - burned edges, painted, stamped and painted with pearl-ex. Added wintery textures with stamped angelina fibers and sequin waste.
The rosebuds are printed from my garden photos - and thread painted.
A purchased leafy "vine" is appliqued.
The Haiku is printed on Extravorganza that has been fringed and painted on the edges.
The whole piece is covered with a sparkly tulle for added winter effect. A few scattered beads add motion.

Guila Greer


Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Beginnings

A journal sized fabric and fibre "quilt" to accompany another attempt at the January Haiku themes of "Beginnings"
I based my work on a photo attributed to Pawel Achtel of a coral reef spawning (coral) polyps to ensure new growth on the reefs.

Tropic seas dreaming
Under full moon coral spawns
Life begins anew.

Measuring 8.5 by 11 inches and in a landscape format, I used Xpandaprint to represent the massed formation of creamy white coral.
(Imagine this as being viewed in the flash of a camera!)
Six strands of DMC embroidery thread and Anchor # 8 crochet thread was employed to add more texture.
The green shadowed coral was (hand) needle felting.

Small sequins and pearl beads were used to represent the coral spawn, but I feel that yet many more need applying to represent the millions of spawn floating on the tide.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I chose the newborn for my Haiku. Spending so much time at the hospital with my Mom I have witnessed so many new borns and hope they all have a rich full life.

behold your journey
embrace enjoy entirely
beloved little one

I chose a piece of my snow dyed fabric, love the way it portrays the rays of sunshine, and all the wonderful colors of our world with some turbulence a long the way. I free cut the silhouette from a rough sketch  and added some hand stitching.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


A new year begins...
the opened door releases
the unknown's magic.

I tried to capture a sense of magic in the piece. The magic of all the possibilities inherent in the future. The piece is fused applique collage and beaded. Machine quilted iwth mettalic thread.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

beginnings Haiku

seeds of all seasons
waiting for life to begin
rest in still places

I used a piece of copyright-free artwork, manipulated it, printed on a batik fabric, stamped, did some free-motion stitching, twisted 2 different fibers for the edging, added beadwork and quilting. I think I will mount this on a textured black substrate.

This idea was inspired by my daughter and her husband who have spent 4 years in fertility treatments, battled with each carrying a recessive gene which does not allow a baby to reach full-term, but now are pregnant with a normal, healthy baby! Praise God!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Beginnings

As still bare branches
Cast purple shadows--silence
Breaks when crows caw life.

On the first morning of the challenge I sat by my dining room window watching the morning rise. Winter gray skies and a certain stillness kept me enraptured until the cawing of crows signaled the beginning of a new day.

I used painted and stitched paper-cloth to construct this piece.

(Beginnings) Fire-storm


Summer fire storms
Land lies scorched and blackened.
Rains revitalize.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Stark Winter Secret

This is a hot wax on paper bag collage I did in the fall. The images have stayed in my mind and writing the haiku was helpful in expressing what I thought.

Cold limb creaking-bare
Stark tree swears new leaf inside
Bare nature in code.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan 1/ Beginnings

My first haiku for the week 1 challenge.  Just a light sketch.  Winter is here for sure, but spring is on the way!

Frozen deep within
Mother Earth holds seeds of life
for new beginnings

Florida Sunrise Haiku - "Beginnings" Jan. 9, 2011

Florida Sunrise Haiku-  "Beginnings"

God's beauty at dawn...
Each day signals a new start...
All to make love bloom.

first day at school

I was a bit too quick when I posted my haiku last week as at that time I had not yet translated the haiku into a piece of art. I'll repeat my haiku here so that you do not have to scroll down:\

A first day at school
Numbers, Letters, they call you
No more time to play?

This haiku inspired me to make this journal quilt:

At the moment it is only fused, I have not yet had time to stitch/quilt/bind it.

Hope is a beginning - by Cynthia Ann Morgan

Here's my little haiku art quilt:
In the bare winter
the spotted towhee finds hope
in a red berry
(Can you tell I'm a bird watcher!)

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Seeds beneath the earth
Awaiting the warmth of spring
Soon will sprout and grow
As I thought about the word "beginnings," I thought of new growth in the spring.
The word "start" didn't come to me until I'd nearly finished the piece and decided it needed something on the left side, so I added a few alphabet beads:
My primary goal for the fiber pieces that go with the haiku for this group is to try new things. I also don't want to obsess about finding the "perfect" bit of material - so the earth is a piece of upholstery material (which DID work out perfectly!), the sky is a scrap of flannel, and the pieces of the plant are assorted odd leftover pieces.
I'd never done anything remotely resembling threadpainting, but it worked really well for the root hairs. I'm not so happy about the leaves; I like the 3-D aspect, but the rough edges still bother me some.

First Cup

I treat each day as a new 'beginning'...  thoughtfully and in a meditative mode contemplating my good fortune at just being alive, hearing the birds sing, being with the love of my life  [and much more]... all with my first cuppa... in my case, coffee.. and being glad I can enjoy it...
I will be doing all my Haiku Art for this year in journal fashion, each will be mixed media and will incorporate fabric somewhere.

Technique: I used dyed paper towel, painted Japanese rice paper, 'repurposed' [my word for 2011] painted and stitched batting... then my 'quilted to batting' coffee cup and saucer... and I did stitch it right to the paper.
Haiku poem:

Something special whenever
You hope for clear skies

my hermetic-astro-micro quilts

For this haiku challenge I've worked on a diptych. I've made 2 quilts and 2 haikus. Everyone can stand alone, but toghether they have more relevance.
This piece is Hermetic with reference to Hermes Trismegistus that in his "emerald tablet" stated: "That which is below is as that which is above, and that which is above is as that which is below, to perform the miracles of the one thing.".
I thought about something that is similar in microcosm and macrocosm

For the macrocosm I've referred to the begin of the universe, for the microcosm I've referred to the begin of everyone (surely you can say I'm biologist)

So here is my two haikus:

A spark in the dark
stars and galaxies unroll
that's how all began

A sperm in the dark
an oocyte is waiting
that's how we began

Comments are welcome :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

My first haiku

You pave a new path
jump, bounce and hop up and down
come shine a new day

Techniques: the background fabric is a mono print. The top layer is a polyester fabric that has been laminated with old newspaper clippings with the help of a thermofax screen; this piece was then laminated with silver leaf and silk screened with fabric paint (jumping people). The "haiku" poem has been printed directly to a leftover piece of the background fabric.
Margarita Korioth

January Haiku Art

Treacherous frost lurks
Tender shoots defy the chill
Hardy rosebuds thrive.

We received our "prompt" word for January at midnight  Wednesday.  Earlier in the day I was in the garden checking the rosebushes. We had a little frost the night before and I was concerned.  All the bushes looked healthy- even hints of new growth were evident.
When we got our word I thought of our rose garden immediately and scribbled down my thoughts. Today I took some photos of the new buds.  I incorporated one of the buds into a winter scene that I shot 2 weeks ago in Minneapolis. I wanted to portray the idea that not only can Nature survive some pretty harsh conditions but that she indeed can begin anew and thrive.
My next step is to portray this image as an art quilt.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Haiku Art

January    Beginnings

      lots of snow
winter showing it's face
     more to come

This is one of my photo's from last winter and the snow is already piling up. It's been snowing all day today.
Like many of you, I have made a conscious decision to stretch myself and grow in my artistic endeavors this year.  In order to keep myself true to that resolution I have joined two new groups in the last month, this one and the Sketchbook Challenge.  To keep current with the challenges, I will be trying to cross over and create one piece which meets the requirements of both challenges.
My first piece it titled Chrysalis and is a simple drawing of a cocoon sketched first, then inked and color added with Inktense Watercolor Pencils.  To me the butterfly emerging signifies a new, fresh beginning which looks gloriously beautiful!  I am thinking that I would maybe like to recreate this in fabric in the future.
Same Haiku- PSE Play

My first haiku

Beginning is a fitting theme. Besides Sinterklaas poems (Dutch version of Santa Clause) I never composed a poem in my live till I found this group. This is my first haiku:

A first day at school
Numbers, letters, they call you
No more time to play?

I even have an idea to translate this poem into a quilt.

January - Beginnings

When I first saw our Beginnings theme, I thought of doors, paths, steps and circles as images to explore.  This one is both path and door, and reflects my desire to get out of my creative rut into some sort of new beginning.

The Haiku:

through the old tunnel
a butterfly leads the way
to the waiting sky

What this is:

Besides my quilting, I love messing about with with my camera and Photoshop and other graphics programs.

We have an old derelict train station in town with wonderful architecture underneath.  Last fall I braved the no trespassing signs and the very real threat of falling chunks of concrete (lawsuits have been filed) to capture the feeling of infinity I sensed from what I could see of it while driving by.

For this composite image, I have used Photoshop CS4, cropping and adjusting the main station photo and and adding in the butterfly and the sky bit at the back from others of my photos, using various blend modes to achieve the desired effect.


This was my original haiku but no artwork:)

Beginnings bring fear
Beginnings bring excitement
JUMP NOW, Feel Breath Live!

Robin Koehler, NESTLINGS by Robin

Breaking Free-

I am feeling this overwhelming need to do something big with my life this year (other than our military transfer) and the energy is all around me. Fear has held me back for so long. The piece above is representative of the path of my life and my hope for the future. I am hoping to use this Haiku group as a way of progressing my art through Zentangles.
Bound by darkness then
Bubbling want from within
Breaking Free, Blooming

Robin Koehler, NESTLINGS by Robin

1/6/11 9:50am EST

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Summer flooding rains
Crops rotting in fields of mud
Regroup and rebuild.

Posted by Maureen in Redcliffe Q
Label "Beginnings"
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January "Beginnings"


Tropic seas dreaming
Coral reef spawning polyps
Life begins anew.
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Frantic season passed

earth breathes deeply with a sigh

beginning anew

In keeping with my desire to simplify this year (she say's tongue in cheek as she tries to keep up with the THREE new challenge groups this year, LOL), My interpretation is very simply a black silouette cut from glossy paper then collaged onto my hand dyed fabric and a few crystals added.
My thoughts were of the the feeling of deep relief that I get after the crazy frenzied Holiday season is over. I was thinking that the weather kind of followed the same path...crazy storms, intense cold and winds, then Jan- new year, and with a sigh all seemed to settle.
Contemplating the "word" yesterday as I was stitching my FFFC piece, my Haiku Mode went on overload and I had to keep stopping to jot down yet another 'beginning'. A total of twelve :-)
I am already sketching ideas for some of them for small quilts and will post if I get them done.


Because my artwork for this first challenge is an 8"x 10" photograph, it was quick to complete!
I took this photo a couple days ago from my front yard. We are blessed with amazing morning spectacles this time of year. Thanks for a great challenge!

Dawn claws at night's edge
Drawing forth droplets of light
Reaching out for spring

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Word

Solstice in full swing
winter here- summer there, each
new beginnings


Have fun, and be sure to share/post all your haiku's and ideas :-)