Thursday, January 6, 2011

January - Beginnings

When I first saw our Beginnings theme, I thought of doors, paths, steps and circles as images to explore.  This one is both path and door, and reflects my desire to get out of my creative rut into some sort of new beginning.

The Haiku:

through the old tunnel
a butterfly leads the way
to the waiting sky

What this is:

Besides my quilting, I love messing about with with my camera and Photoshop and other graphics programs.

We have an old derelict train station in town with wonderful architecture underneath.  Last fall I braved the no trespassing signs and the very real threat of falling chunks of concrete (lawsuits have been filed) to capture the feeling of infinity I sensed from what I could see of it while driving by.

For this composite image, I have used Photoshop CS4, cropping and adjusting the main station photo and and adding in the butterfly and the sky bit at the back from others of my photos, using various blend modes to achieve the desired effect.


Anonymous said...

Martha, this is a wonderful rendition of using photos.. awesome! Have you thought of printing cards with this?

Cherie in Del Mar said...

This is really a moving piece of both art and poetry. Beautifully done!

Lynn K. said...

I love this! The contrast between the old, gray, staid architecture and the freedom and flight of the colorful butterfly is fabulous. And the fact that the butterfly is "leading" whomever reads the haiku - neat, very personal.