Thursday, January 6, 2011

Breaking Free-

I am feeling this overwhelming need to do something big with my life this year (other than our military transfer) and the energy is all around me. Fear has held me back for so long. The piece above is representative of the path of my life and my hope for the future. I am hoping to use this Haiku group as a way of progressing my art through Zentangles.
Bound by darkness then
Bubbling want from within
Breaking Free, Blooming

Robin Koehler, NESTLINGS by Robin

1/6/11 9:50am EST


Anonymous said...

Very Cool, Robin. I am glad you are listening to your inner muse. I hope you find your creative path this year. Love, Susan S.

Anonymous said...

I really am appreciating this one Robin.. I like the 'tradional' quilt block together with the zentangle, then finally breakinbg out is very emotional. You have portrayed your Haiku and personal feelings very well.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Very nice Robin. As you probably know, I too love Zentangle...hope to see more from you

Lynn K. said...

Your art is a great visual of your haiku - good job. I also like your use of alliteration. I look forward to seeing your work in fabric and fiber.