Thursday, March 10, 2011

Warrior Sunshine

Sugar is my drug of choice. I am allergic to it. It does terrible things to my feet and lungs. I woke this morning with the sun beating through the window, shining through the haze of yesterday's indulgence.  Enough is enough! Haiku on happier sunshine to come in future days perhaps. This one came fast and I used what I had. (thank goodness for cello tape)

Chocolate "head" showing out from "covers/blanket" of wrapper. "Feet" showing ingredient list of what affects them the most - golden and glucose syrup.

Bright, Hot Cleansing Light
From Sugar Coma Wakes me
Darkness is LIFTED!


Cherie in Del Mar said...

How wonderfully creative and quirky this is Becky :-)
I definitely know what you mean in your haiku...been there done that...argh

Anonymous said...

This certainly says it all Becky! My heart went out to you when I first read it... I do not have a sweet tooth, so find it hard to put myself in your shoes, but I certainly can feel for you! And it is so poignantly 'put' in the words as well as your Journal.
BTW.. don't you love using a Journal?

Maureen said...

your haiku and art piece will, I am sure, lead me in a new direction.

Becky said...

The journal worked for a bit but I have severely downsized for portability. See message on group for details. :)

Becky said...

p.s. Maureen, does the candy wrapper really qualify as "art"?