Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunshine silk scarf and pendant

I recently came back from my trip to Peru and had a wonderful time. I got together with an old friend from college whom I haven’t seen in 30 years!! She gave me an orange and yellow pendant design by her. It is made with fused glass and said it represented the summer days in Peru since they are very hot and humid. So, when I came back I wanted to paint a silk scarf that complements it. After I read the March word “sunshine”,  I figured I would  make a Haiku about it:
      The rays of sunlight
              glowing light on the new day
       embrace me fiercely
Marga Korioth


Becky said...

Beautiful! Your colors are perfect!

Maureen said...

My favourite colours matching your haiku thoughts.

Robin said...

What a beautiful set you have to wear now!

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Wonderful haiku, and great job matching your silk to the pendant. I love it!