Friday, April 15, 2011

Triple Procrastination

When I first saw our April word, I couldn't think how I'd depict such a thing.  But the answer came as soon as I wrote it down in my day planner, along with all the jobs I keep writing in there, day after day, which never seem to get done. I'd make my undone jobs. Or some of them.

The background of this piece is made from leftover strata from my bargello period - fifteen or so years ago.  I always meant to do something with these things, they are too pretty to throw out. (procrastination #1)

I turned up the strata in the cleaning out and reorganization of my workroom - which I started back last fall and still have not finished. (procrastination #2)

The image depicts certain parts of my garden where I never got around to the fall clearances, which I can blame in part on the abnormally cold winter and spring we've had, but not entirely. (procrastination #3)

Techniques used here are machine piecing, fused and machine applique, machine quilting, stamping, ink on fabric, all done from commercial hand-dyes.  This quilt measures 10 1/2 by 11 3/4.

emerging spring leaves
reach for light through old dead weeds
last year's work undone


Cherie in Del Mar said...

Brilliant Martha! I so relate to your '3' points of procrastination, LOL. Nice quilt and excellent haiku :-)


Anonymous said...

Very good Martha... I love the gradation of your fabric, I can see why you kept it! And the words on the binding... cool!
I think I have seen your Haiku in several of my travels this spring... it is so late! and the new shoots are 'chomping at the bit' so to speak. Altho' I will say the apricots are blooming here, but what the set will be like with such cool weather... time will tell.
Good job!

Robin said...

Great idea!
So easy to look around and count the things left undone and you managed to combine some into a fun piece;)

Michele said...

Lovely. I can identify with every. single. one. of your procrastination points!