Sunday, April 24, 2011


Ideas are easy for me and follow through not so easy although I love doing the things that put the ideas into reality. Here is one of my favorite sketchbook pages, one which has not been put into the textile form I imagine for it. Who knows why!

Sketchbooks Fun and Full
Ideas Burst Like Fireworks
Fruition Hard Idea

Linda Jacks


Guila Greer said...

Linda, I so "get it". Sometimes the designing process is satisfying in itself or you discover that putting the idea into textile isn't going to be an enhancement.
I think this is lovely - you've created the appearance of a lot of texture in the sketch. And I really like your colour choices. You've summed up your dilemma well in your Haiku.
Guila (Honeyquilts)

elljay said...

Thank you, Guila. If you get any ideas about follow-through let me know.