Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Arms stretch wide, graceful
Music flows all around us
Rhythm beats through us

The art came first this month. I went rooting around in the material bins, and found this snow-dye that just *looked* exhilerating. Then I noodled around with embroidery floss, sequins, and beads, and it started to look the way I felt when I belly danced. (Too many years ago now.) The haiku reflects the feeling of dancing with a group of other women.


Guila Greer said...

Oh I love your Haiku - I danced years ago too - Flamenco - and I understand completely -"rhythm beats through us". I'd love to see a closer up view of your art quilt - I love the colors and the flowy feel.

Vivian said...

Great idea to combine a prompting word with a poem and quilting!