Friday, February 18, 2011

My 'Sweet Peas'

When I read our prompt word, I immediately thought of my husband and my girlies and it was hard to choose which direction to go since I love them all so so deeply. Then a conversation about our military transfer this summer brought closer to the surface all my feelings about my daughters and how proud I am of them and that they will be ok when I move away. SO....
I have kept you safe
My wondrous little Sweet Peas
All my dreams alive!
They both have birthdays in April and the April flower is sweet pea which I also called them growing up. I used colored pencil to sketch out my arms in a heart shape along with the flowers. Then I thread painted the whole piece minus the background where I just added the heart garland.
Robin Koehler, NESTLINGS by Robin


Anonymous said...

I love your Haiku and the piece.. so deeply meaningful....

I can pretty much feel how much you love your family.

Guila Greer said...

This is so tender Robin - both the Haiku and your Art Piece. And the further "light touch" of your execution of the piece complements the feelings evident. I really enjoyed this.

Maureen said...

military transfers away from your "roots" help foster a deep family unity that really isn't truly appreciated until the "sweet peas" leave your loving embrace.
A loving gentle composition which is reflected in your art work.

Judith Glover said...


More of you went into this piece than your heart and arms. It is very tender and will be very special to your girls when they see it.

Kathy Lichtendahl said...

This is a lovely analogy! The arms in the heart are a beautiful touch.

Lynn K. said...

So sweet, so meaningful. Very pretty.