Thursday, February 10, 2011

Romance.. ever the romantic...

Being the romantic that I am, I just had to do the 'romance' thing....Love , one of the strongest emotions known....I used a collage technique which include personal drawings, magazine cutouts, plastic rings and ... as promised... fabric. No stitching this time.
It is so hard to properly photograph a book, no matter what I do, it is never quite right!! Bear with me, by the time my year is up, I just may get it right.

Profound! A sweet bliss
Aflush with roses and rings
Hearts become entwined

OK... start counting... I left out one syllable in the first line on my pages!
It will be fixed.... also I photographed the two pages that make up each of my monthly Haiku Art, also, note I gilded the 'lily'... the word 'LOVE'.. I used an 18K gold pen. I love it!!


sharon said...

love the collage !!!

ann said...

Hearts and flowers; what more do you need? Lovely.

Michele said...

Love the roses! And I have trouble counting for some reason as well.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

I love your collage! You just keep getting better and better! Your haiku sort of says it all :-)

Lynn K. said...

I like your contemporary look and use of color. It shows off your haiku very well. Nice work.

Maureen said...

I am unused to true journaling, as mine are generally rough sketches.hints, wordplay and references to check.
Your contemporary look is leading me I hope ,to better journaling.
And yes, I savoured the romance in your haiku.

Kathy Lichtendahl said...

I love the face with the heart lips and the heart in the cheek! I may need one of those 18K gold pens!