Friday, February 11, 2011

Haiku: (Romantic ) LOVE

After attempting "PATRIOTIC" Love,
I thought that I would tackle "Romantic" Love
and finally settled for two versions:

a.... Love's sweet melodies
Bliss filled days and nights
Valentines for ever.

b... New love flourishes
Blissful days and nights
Soulmates forever

Using a piece of pink Lutradur, highlighted with Lumiere Pearlescent Magenta paint as the background,
I appliqued three solid floral hearts and one heart outline to the background.
I also painted with the same Lumiere a structured heart shaped card.
Trailing over the open heart is a green vine trimming.

Using a gold ink pen I added the two haiku----one in the quilting lines above the heart,
the other inside the large heart.
Unfortunately, the gold writing did not photograph clearly.
I also include the scribble page of my journal, where I played with words.

Maureen Curlewis
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Dolores Quilts said...

Very Nice! Has inspired me to do one for by DH.

Michele said...

This is lovely - and you can see the gold writing if you enlarge the image.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

So beautiful Maureen! The Lutradur looks terrific. The perfect choice! The haiku's are so sweet...Ahhh!

Lynn K. said...

This is so pretty! i really like both haikus and love your techniques. You have inspired me to play with my Lutradur - it's still in the package. Very nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I like your Haiku poems and the techniques used are so effective. Well done!

Guila Greer said...

Beautiful Maureen! there's a very "lilting" feel - and a lot of tenderness. Question - the heart in the upper left corner - is it embossed? or is it an effect from the pen? or?