Monday, February 7, 2011

butterfly kisses

The touch of a wing
some butterfly kisses
first love remembered

This piece is 15 x 23. There are no unusual techniques involved only hand dyed butterflys.


Dolores Quilts said...

Very beautiful! I love your Haiku. My quilts and work is often inspired by haiku.

Kandi Corp. said...

Hi Margarita,
I love this piece. Very lovely. I have recently joined your blog as I thought you might be interested in incorporating deColourant into your work. It is made right here in Safety Harbor FL. It removes and replaces the color of natural dyed fabrics with ease. More information can be found at and bought at Another benefit is the slight citrus smell it has, unlike other products that might smell. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and have a super day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat... nice touch with the butterfiles... I like the colors..and your Haiku, too.

sharon said...

pat, loved both haiku and art.... the butterfly shown in the mind of the person... artfully conveyed.

Lynn K. said...

Artful, indeed. I like your fabrics very much, the silhouette, the symbolism, and it looks like lots of quilting! Very nice.

Robin said...

This is so sweet and simple and the quilting is lovely.

Kathy Lichtendahl said...

Pat, Your words and your artwork are a perfect pair. The butterfly inside the mind is very powerful and sweet. Great quilting too!
Kathy L

Martha Dennis said...

I remember "butterfly kisses". Do youngsters even do that any more? Probably not. *G*

Your butterflies are beautiful, Pat, and your composition is so balanced to the eye.