Monday, February 14, 2011

Love kills dreams

Hi :) My haiku for this month is:

A child has big dreams
grow with great projects in mind
then love comes. Dreams die.

And this is my quilt:

My haiku may seems not well related to my quilt, but if you look well at the quilt you can see there's a hole in the heart. It's a black hole, that kind of hole that swallow all things... stuff, light, dreams.
In this context you can understand that the bird is a dream that fly away from a grown child's hands


Cherie in Del Mar said...

This is outstanding and wonderful Sylvia! Your haiku is so full of deep meaning and emotion and your quilt is so lovely. I truly love this one!

Anonymous said...

Silvia, this is poignant... almost sad...
it is beautiful in meaning..
I am looking cosely at your artwork... did your whiten the quilting lines before or after? It is very effective. Well done!

Silvia "OrkaLoca" Dell'Aere said...

thank you very much. I tend to have an emotional approach to quilting, this time I put on my work my "dead dream". I'm happy, in love, I have a GREAT husband, but sometimes I look back at my dreams and they are still there. :)

Carole: The quilting lines aren't whitened, is the rest that is coloured :)
This is my process:
- I've decided the design
- I've quilted the design on a plain white fabric
- I've painted the design elements with acrilyc and a foam brush
Since the quilted lines are at a lower level than the surrounding fabric, they don't take colour and stay mostly white.

Robin said...

I really think the technique you used is great!
The haiku and symbolism is sad but yet so relatable.

Maureen said...

The explanation behind your quilt design is meaningful.
We all tend to ignore that black hole that can suck so many wonderful dreams into it before they reach fruition. I love it.....and thank you for describing "how" the quilted lines remained white.

elljay said...

Your process made me think about how we "paint over" our dreams and hopes and little bits of them still show through.
Very interesting process and message.

Guila Greer said...

Silvia - you've been able to express so well what so many of us have experienced - those moments of regret that pop up every so often. The painting after quilting technique that you described is so effective here and works into your theme beautifully. Joy and hope are also there in your quilt - your colours and swirly lines say that to me. (as well as the bird)

Silvia "OrkaLoca" Dell'Aere said...

Thank you all for your replies!
It's true that the symbolism of this quilt is sad, but as Guila said there's also joy.
When a dream die other dreams born, we simply change goal, we never stop to dream.
But the dreams you made when you was child are usually much more BIG AND FANTASTIC!

As child I wanted to become a marine biologist and go in norway to study killer whales. I studied marine biology and I earned my degree, then life went on another direction. I felt in love, I decided to get marry.
So I've put aside my big dream but this doesn't mean I'm unhappy. I'm very happy... but sometimes I remember my big dream and I think "what if...."

Like I've done with this quilt, we trace our life with our dreams, then the real life is painted over them, but sometimes they still shows.

I love my life, but I still love also my dreams in the drawer :)

Kathy Lichtendahl said...

Silvia, This piece is beautiful! Your technique is really perfect for the sentiments you are trying to convey to the viewer.

Martha Dennis said...

I appreciate that hole which sucks in dreams. I think I've got one of those...

I really admire your technique of painting after the quilting. I'll havetry that one of these days.

Lynn K. said...

I am sad after reading your haiku, but I think it's a universal sadness. I, too, think back and sometimes say, "What if...?" But my life is happy, too. Your quilt is perfect for your haiku. I like the fact that you painted after you quilted. Nice work.