Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Haiku Art - Balance

What balance means to me these days is the attempt to put the mind and body into a balanced or integrated state as we do through Yoga practice.
My quilt incorporates the words: "Shanti" which means peace and "So Hum" .  So Hum is a mantra that we use for focus while doing deep breathing.

The Haiku
close your eyes breathe in
jasmine scented air swirling
find your center - stay
Shanti 2


Cherie in Del Mar said...

Ahh...this so peaceful! I am smelling the Jasmine and hearing the 'ohm...' and feeling so relaxed :-) Perfect balance!


Martha Dennis said...

I love your yoga figure, Guila. It's such a simple shape, but very human and the blue edging around her adds to the sense of her peacefulness.

Michele said...

I can only echo the earlier comments - it really evokes a very peaceful and serene state of mind.