Thursday, July 7, 2011

balanced diet

Haiku -

A balanced diet -
Coffee, chocolate, chips and wine
Any arguments?

This bit of sillyness is made on handdyed background. The cake is velvet and metalic knit with beads as nuts. The wine is layered and painted with shadows. The chips are two layers of organza and one of tulle all bonded with misty fuse then heated with the heat gun for shaping. What a fun one this was!


Martha Dennis said...

How perfect, Pat! A food pyramid for the rest of us.

Guila Greer said...

I can get into that! You did a masterful job with your special effects and I love the haiku.
Guila Greer

Martha Dennis said...

I do love your food groups - especially how you made this chips.

I think I'm hungry now.

Michele said...

I also thought of a balanced diet - although my pyramid was much more, ah, conventional than yours.