Thursday, August 30, 2012


Time flows, fits and starts
Impermanent and fleeting
Just beyond our grasp

Simple improvisational piecing of vintage fabric, with vintage buttons and random quilting with perle cotton.

Please excuse the less than stellar image quality - my camera has disappeared into the morass of my house, and I'm using my cellphone.


Martha Dennis said...

I like the way your colors and leaves flow into the whole of your piece, Elena.

I find it interesting that you have chosen to portray flow with basically straight lines. To me, flow is curvy.

And yeah, I've got something going for August, even though it's now September. I went into a sort of slump after the last cat died. Three in a year and a half is way too many. Time to move on, yes?

Martha Dennis said...

oops. Sorry, Michele. You're not Elena. I knew that. Didn't I?


I do really like your haiku too - forgot to say that before.

Elena said...

I find it an interesting take on time - the idea of time flowing. I guess I always thought life and events flowed through time but it made me stop and think about it. And the fits and starts...sometimes it drags and sometimes it flies and our memory of it is chopped, jumbled and, as you say just beyond grasp. At least, this is what I take from this. I really like the haiku and the artwork.