Friday, September 7, 2012

A new haiku project

I've posted before about how I love haiku -- but to find them, not to write them.  A few months ago I started a new project, to find haiku in junk mail.  I scrutinize the letters for haiku phrases, then paste them on the envelopes.

At some point when I think I have enough, I plan to bind them into a book, perhaps arranged in chapters -- environment, financial services, telecommunication, etc.

But meanwhile I'm just concentrating on processing my mail into poetry.

Many of the haiku end up being pretty accurate synopses of the dire situations described in the appeal letters.

Others echo the appeals themselves.

Some are a call to action.

Others don't bother to appeal to your higher nature -- just to your greed.

I'll post again as the project takes shape.


Guila Greer said...

Kathleen, these are amazing. I think that your haiku make each case more compelling and they could take a lesson.
You're really on to something here and look forward to the next installment.

kathy said...

Thanks, Guila!

I'm writing in more detail about this project on my blog

Martha Dennis said...

I really like what you're doing here, Kathleen! The last one made me laugh. It almost makes me want to take a closer look at my own junk mail...almost.

Elena said...

Kathy, this is such an interesting project. I can't wait to see where you go with it!


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John said...

This is great -- I really like this idea. If I got junk mail written in haiku, they might actually hook me. Thank you!