Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May !

Well it's just after midnight where I am and officially May 1.  We DO have a prompt word this month - thank you Kristin Freeman.  The word is Awakening  

For those of you who are in the midst of developing a series, I think that's great and hope you will consider the prompt word as another influence on your work this month. We had discussed that some of us would like to end up with a more cohesive body of work at the end of the year - including myself and that will definitely be doable. Most of the prompt words that we are given can lead us off in so many directions.
Remember - the prompt word itself does NOT have to be in the Haiku.

This is definitely a time of transition for our Haiku Art Group. It's wonderful to look back over the last 16 months and see all the moving words and exciting art that has come from this group.
And now we are welcoming new members and are excited to have Elena Stokes already posting her work!
We look forward to having Phyllis Cullen joining us soon as well.

Kathy Loomis offered a great observation about our two sites (internal/external) and suggested that perhaps we post exclusively here so that everyone knows exactly where to seek information.
That will certainly simplify communication.
However I recommend that we leave our internal site active for the time being just to see if there are occasions when we need it.
I don't think that the art will get lost in the chatter - we have such an easy system with the labels to find everything readily.

My final note - Congratulations to our most diligent completers and posters:  Martha Dennis and Kris Bishop. Many kudos to both of you. That's sure not an easy accomplishment.

Have a wonderful productive month of May!

Guila Greer

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Elena said...

Hi Guila, I'm so happy to hear that we have more new members joining us. I'm also very happy with this particular prompt word - awakening. I'm working on an art quilt now that just happens to fit it perfctly. Can't wait for this one!

Elena Stokes