Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hungarian Rhapsody

The first thing that came to mind when considering September's Rhapsody prompt was the Hungarian Rhapsodies by Franz Liszt, probably some leftover fragment of my years of piano lessons.  While thinking about the musical theme, I was also making up the grocery list for the coming week and somehow Hungarian Goulash, which has paprika as the defining ingredient, entered the mix.

I used an inkjet transparency transfer method with gold Lumiere paint to create the background.  The piano keys were done with CorelDraw, Photoshop and good old pencil and paper, when I couldn't get the computer to make just what I was after, then printed onto fabric and enhanced with colored pencils.  The pepper shape was from a photograph and just the perfect bit of fabric.  I left off the haiku words, as it seemed busy enough already.  The whole is machine quilted - the lines are meant to represent sound waves.   I tried a facing for the edge finish, which is certainly clean and easy, though the corners aren't sharp enough to suit me.  Next time.  This one is small - only 9x6.5".

music fills the air
expect the unexpected
rhapsody in life

1 comment:

Pat Havey said...

The colors are truly representative of
Rachmaninoffs music. The uilting lines give the piece so much movement I can hear the music rising. Your Haiku is very descriptive.