Thursday, October 6, 2011

Milky-way Splendour

In starry heaven's
glittering canopy glows
Milky-way splendour

I had so many different ideas for this challenge, it was hard to choose one.
The background is five different fabrics, layered (three of them have glittering crystals of some sort embedded). The gaseous clouds are silk hankie with a tiny bit of Angelina in the mix. I layered dark blue tulle over all and quilted, changing thread colors to match. Last, I applied about a 'zillion' Swarovski crystals in two sizes of crystal, moonstone, gold and orange.
It measures 21"x35"

This was such a fun challenge...thank you Ann!

Love to know what you think :-)

1 comment:

Martha Dennis said...

Cherie, I love the sparkle embellishments on this one - so evocative of the night skies.